Force on force tactical class Florida


This class is designed to provide the student the ability to win a lethal encounter through enhancing the students ability to utilize close quarter combat techniques in deadly force scenarios.

Topics covered during this class will be weapon retention, close quarter combat techniques, searching, home invasions, hand to hand combat, and flashlight light techniques. This class will place the student in several lethal force scenarios. Using air soft and simunition weapons the student must utilize learned techniques and fight to win. The student will learn simple but effective defensive tactics techniques that can be utilized by persons of any size, age, or gender. All techniques are taught by a Brazilian Ju Jitsu master.

This class will teach the student aggressive and defensive techniques needed to survive a home invasion scenario. The student will learn how to utilize cover, proper use of flashlights, proper movement, threat engagement, searching, and how to win the fight.


May 14 2022


9:00 am - 12:00 pm




Bulldog Tactical Group
Longwood, FL
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